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Weight Room

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Strength and Conditioning Coach:
Danielle Burks
408-354-2730 ext 318

Current Schedule:
* Football = Monday/Tuesday 2:15-3:15pm 
* Boys Basketball = Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4:00-4:45pm
* Girls Basketball = Wednesday/Friday 3:15-4:00pm
* Wrestling = Mon. 3:15-4:00pm/Wed. 2:15-3:00pm/Fri. 2:15-3:00pm 
* Cross Country = Wednesday 3:00-3:30pm [Varsity = Tuesday/Thursday 4:00-4:45pm]
* Baseball = Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 3:30-4:30pm (start date: Oct. 30)
* Softball = Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 2:30-3:15pm (start date: Nov. 20)


Open Gym Hours for Students:

If you are interested in dropping in at the LGHS Weight Room for personal use, please be sure to understand the policies, outlined below:

  • Students may access the weight room Monday through Friday after school during specific hours, which will be announced below on this web page.
  • Each day, Coach Burks will provide 2 workouts, written on the white board in the weight room. As a drop-in, you have the option to do one or both of these workouts that are provided; please note that you will not have the opportunity to do exercises not designated in the workouts provided. In the interest of efficiency and safety, we will require all drop-in students to adhere to this policy.

FRIDAY 11/17/2017
Open Gym Hours: 2:30-3:30pm

“Gain Workout”
x3 sets
10 shoulder press
8 chin ups
6 weighted box step ups
20 ball slams

“Conditioning Workout”
4 rounds
7 power clean
9 burpees
11 over box jumps


Coach Burks Bio:

In both personal and professional realms, Danielle has been connected to the world of fitness for over twelve years. Born and raised in Los Gatos, Danielle’s first high school job was at a local fitness studio, where she was exposed to world-class trainers and given the incredible opportunity to instruct various fitness classes, from Pilates to cardio-dance to sculpting. During these years of dabbling in a variety of fitness routines, Danielle was introduced to strength training in 2009 and found her niche! Weight lifting enabled Danielle to continue her crusade of pursuing fitness with the “big-picture” intention of living a longer, happier and healthier life. A few years into this journey, Danielle took on the role of Strength & Conditioning Coach at Saratoga High School, working with all after-school sport athletes from 2012-2014. After a brief hiatus from coaching on a high school campus, Danielle is thrilled to be at Los Gatos and is ready to kick off the season in our new weight room!

Vision as Strength Coach:

My philosophy as a Strength Coach is rooted in an overwhelming respect for the concept of teamwork. Myself, my student athletes and my fellow coaches are at our most competitive when we prepare and play as a single, unbreakable unit. I consider it my responsibility to create training programs that directly complement the goals of the coaches, and to prepare our student athletes for successful and powerful athletic careers.


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