Multiple Teams · New Sports Calendar- Some Sports to begin February 1st

Dear Parents/Guardians and athletes,


The Santa Clara Valley Athletic League Board of Managers approved a new sports calendar which places sports into one of three truncated seasons with hopes that we can get into the appropriate colored tiers to allow all sports to return by the end of the school year. There are some key issues you need to understand about this calendar:


  • In order to give all sports  the best opportunity to compete within the remaining months of the school year and meet Federal Title IX mandates, the SCVAL will not send teams to CCS playoffs this year.
  • The colored tiers show when sports may be able to have competitions. The tiers follow the same guidance used throughout the state and have been set by the CDPH. You can read the guidelines here
  • The practice start dates indicate when mandatory practices may begin. 
  • Practice times will be posted on our website as soon as coaches finalize their calendars
  • Voluntary out of season workouts may continue following the CDPH guidelines
  • Competitions/Games/Matches may not begin until the regional Stay at Home order is lifted. If county or state orders will not allow for competitions to take place as scheduled, these competitions and possibly entire seasons will be delayed or canceled.
  • Per CDPH guidelines, students may only be a part of ONE (1) sports team per season. This is a change from an earlier directive allowing students to play multiple sports. If you are a member of a club team, you will have to choose either club or high school sports. 
  • The truncated seasons will have games/practices scheduled during winter and spring breaks and possibly on Saturdays. If you plan on going on vacation, please keep this in mind. 


Season 1 sports can begin February 1st. In order to participate, you must be registered on Athletic Clearance. Please read the directions below for registration information: 


For registration go to:


Please make sure a parent/guardian is the person completing the registration.  Students cannot legally sign the required documents. ANY REGISTRATION COMPLETED BY A STUDENT EMAIL ADDRESS WILL BE DENIED AND THE ACCOUNT DELETED. 


Students may only sign up for ONE (1) sport per season.  If your student changes their mind about the sport they signed up for, contact the athletics office to complete the change. 


We must have a new physical exam turned in each school year.  If you had a physical within the last 12 months, download the form during registration and have it filled out by your doctor. If you need to get a physical, schedule an appointment with your doctor to make sure you can get it completed before tryouts begin. The state will not waive this requirement for COVID-19 so plan accordingly 


Click Here for a physical form




Medical Insurance is required to play high school athletics.  If you do not have medical insurance, you can purchase coverage through the school.  Please contact Athletic Director Ken Perrotti  before registering to obtain school insurance information.


Follow this link for directions for how to register on


Once your forms have been reviewed and approved you will receive an email letting you know your student is cleared. Coaches will have an app and will not allow students to try out or practice until they see you are cleared. 


Athletic Contributions


Athletic Contributions are essential in funding our interscholastic athletic program. We ask for a $250 donation per sport to fund our programs. You can donate online here. Donations are voluntary and participation in athletics is not contingent upon making any donation. That said, without these donations we will not be able to field our athletic teams.  All donations collected will go directly toward your students’ sport.


Thank you,


Ken Perrotti, CAA

Athletic Director