Concussion Protocol

Below are the steps for our concussion protocol at Los Gatos High School. If your student is displaying concussion like symptoms please contact our Athletic Trainer Justin Oritz immediately.

1) A Concussion evaluation will be done by the athletic trainer using assessment tools i.e a symptom checklist, SCAT 5, and ImPACT test (baseline computerized test)

2) If a concussion is suspected, the athlete will need to see a doctor (MD or DO) to follow up for a diagnosis

3) If a concussion is diagnosed, the Dr. will set parameters for the athlete — when the return day to start activity, if a follow up is needed, etc. The doctors note of diagnoses must be shared with our Athletic Trainer immediately.

4) Parents should contact our  health clerk Gina Warne ASAP to make sure she is aware the student has been diagnosed with a concussion. The health clerk will follow up with the parents, school staff and teachers to implement any needed classroom accommodations while the student is recovering from the diagnosed concussion.

5) The athlete will check in with the athletic trainer daily to monitor symptoms using the symptom checklist

6) Once the Doctor clears the athlete for activity, by CA state law the athlete will go through CIF concussion return to play (RTP) protocol monitored by the athletic trainer.

7) If no symptoms are presented during the RTP protocol the athlete will be cleared to fully participate back to their sport