Athletic Clearance Process


Due to COVID our offices will remain closed until we are permitted by the county and school district to reopen. Parents are encouraged to submit all documentation electronically in order to prevent a back log of clearances once sports are allowed to resume.

  • Online athletic registration is mandatory and all athletes must be cleared online by the Athletic Director or Ms. Caro before they can practice with their team. The Athletic Office is located in House #3. The office opens July 27th if you need assistance with registration or clearance.
  • As part of the online registration process, athletes must submit a signed Physician Physical Evaluation form. Without the Physical form, your registration is incomplete and you will not be cleared to practice with your team starting August 7th
  • You can download a copy of the Physician form at:, click on the ‘More’ dropdown and select ‘LGHS Physical Form’ located under the “Athletic Registration” tab.
  • The online registration process takes about 20 minutes. Have your student’s  personal information, your physician form, and a copy of your health insurance card ready to upload when you register
  • If you do not have your Physician form ready when you start your registration, do not create a new account when you go back to upload your form. See #5 below.
  • After you complete your online registration, it is normal for the summary screen to show all the information as complete and the online clearance as ‘uncleared.’ Only the Athletic Director or Ms. Caro in House #3 can clear athletes. The office opens July 27th. Hours are 9am-11am and 1pm to 3pm.
  • Once you have completed your online registration and uploaded a completed physical form your account will be cleared online by the Athletic Director or Ms. Caro. It may take several days to receive your confirmation email that your student has been cleared.



  1. Go to:, click on the “more” drop down and select “registration” on the Registration menu on the far left. If you are a returning athlete, please use last year’s login. If you are a new LG athlete, please create a new account.
  2. Once logged in, click on “Start Clearance Here.”
  3. Enter: School Year (2020-2021), School (Los Gatos High) and Sport (choose sport)
  4. If you are a returning athlete, your name should appear on the drop down once you have selected a sport.

Complete all required fields for Student Information, Medical History and Signature Forms

If you do not have your physician form completed and ready to upload, you can still continue to navigate your way through the registration process, but your athlete will not be ‘cleared to practice or play’ until you upload your Physician form or turn the hard copy in to the Athletic Director or Athletic Trainer.

  1. If you need to return to the site later to upload the Physician Form, AFTER YOU LOG BACK IN click on the “pencil” located under the Physicals section. From there scroll down to the button labeled “Choose File” next to the “Upload Physical Form” Field. Once you have uploaded a PDF of the signed physical form, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and hit ”save”.
  2. Note: If your athlete plays another sport, you can ADD another sport on the confirmation page. You do not need to complete a 2nd registration for the additional sport.